North Sea Round Town 2016 in retrospect

24 August 2016

We gave five themed shows on the 2016 North Sea Round Town festival.

Impressions of the first concert themed Flamenco and Jazz, with guest gitarist Manito, can be found here. Impressions of the second concert themed Krontjong and Jazz, with guest pianist Nita Aartsen, can be found here. Impressions of the third concert themed Indian Sitar Moods, with guest sitar-player Ashok G Pathak, can be found here. The fourth concert was a flirt of Surinamese Kaseko and Jazz with compositions by Patrick Lauwerends himself. The fifth concert was about Kawina music by Drai Ston, with a focus on dance. No video impression of the latter concerts, but some photos shot by Wim Barzilay.